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January 6, 2016

 Canadian Dealer - MICCAR Aerial, based at Yorkton, SK


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From left; Ian, Devan, and Michael Yaholnitsky with Colin Brown, with the training school Pawnee in the background.


In March, MICCAR purchased  TracMap to use in their Pawnee for Ag pilot training and the results speak for themselves with MICCAR now taking on the TracMap dealership. Michael Yaholnitsky from MICCAR said "I liked TracMap from when I first saw it with its simple wireless data shifting and aircraft tracking. As it turned out, our increase in crop area this year meant the Pawnee ended up doing 350 hours crop spraying, and the TracMap performed faultlessly." 


"We at TracMap are delighted with this new dealership as it provides us with a good presence in the center of the country."


 New & Improved External Lightbar Design      New & Improved Lightbar Design


Harvey (left) discussing the

lightbar with TracMap

president Colin Brown.

TracMap is excited to launch our newly designed External Lightbar at the upcoming National Convention in Reno. This new design has already received positive comments with Harvey Songer from Kin-Co Ag Aviation in Beech Grove saying "It's got the two main things I need; good big numbers and four number choices".



Crop Spraying 2013

January 6, 2016

Ag Class of 2015!!

January 6, 2016

Class of 2015!

Miccar Aerial is proud to announce our graduates from our 2015 AG Pilot Training course! (left to right) Nick Fox, David Gomez, Devon Byblow – Instructor, Corey Schweitzer, Devan Yaholnitsky – Instructor and Michael Yaholnitsky- Instructor


Crop Production show in Saskatoon January 11-14, 2016

January 6, 2016



Once again we will have a booth at the Crop Production show in Saskatoon!  Make sure to stop by our booth D89 and have a chat with Ian, who will be able to tell you all about the services and what we can do for you. The latest in applying fertilizer by air and results. Let us help you Improve Your Bottom Line!




2014 AG Pilot Grads!

January 6, 2015

Miccar Aerial is proud to announce our graduates from our first AG Pilot Training course! (left to right) Michael Yaholnitsky - Instructor, Pier-Luc Daigle from Quebec, Dylan Carritt from Manitoba, William Londono from Ontario, Devon Byblow – Instructor, Devan Yaholnitsky – Instructor – missing from picture

Services we Provide:

January 6, 2015
  • Training Facilities
  • Agricultural Seeding/Spreading
  • Aircraft Storage
  • Charter Service
  • Forestry Seeding/Spreading
  • Aerial Application
  • Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization
  • Dry Fertilizer Spreading
  • Seeding

Canadian Distributor

January 6, 2015

Miccar Aerial Ltd. is excited to be working in cooperation with Mid-Continent Aircraft in bringing additional services to the Canadian aerial application market. This relationship will allow us to sell used aircraft from their inventory into the Canadian market and will give us another strong market for good used Canadian aircraft. We have a fully licensed AMO with 3 licensed AME’s who have years of experience on turbine and radial engines on staff. We offer Flight Training, Ag Pilot Training, Turbine Conversions, Ag Aircraft Sales including New Thrush Aircraft, and full Ag aircraft maintenance with plenty of experience in imports and aircraft acquisition. We are your full service Aerial Ag Support Centre.

McCracken - Minimizing effects of high temp, low humidity

January 6, 2015

Courtesy of AgAir update

When working with agricultural aircraft on a hot dry day I often question the logic in loading an aircraft with water knowing that a very significant  portion will never reach the crop due to evaporation losses, especially so when the product label specifies high volumes of 3-5 gals/acre.  On many occasions when I applied sun protectant I observed that the whitish cream stayed wet for many hours even though it had some water, an invert emulsion.  This observation led me to contact chemical suppliers searching for products that could be missed in the field to form a stable invert emulsion with agro-chemicals.

This short report deals with some aspects of this development and potential benefits for aerial application with emphasis on improved deposition under hot, dry conditions.

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McCracken evaluates Mexican AT-402B spray pattern

January 6, 2015

Spray Patter

Courtesy of AgAir update...

When most people hear the name Chihuahua, they think of the smallest breed of dog. However, Chihuahua is a state in Mexico with a colorful history of Spanish, French and American occupation. The region of Cuauhtémoc is a beautiful open plain famous for apple production and more recently the production of corn utilizing the latest technology complete with irrigation and agricultural aircraft for the control of pests and diseases. It is the third largest city of the state at an altitude of over 6400 ft MSL and is located 103 km (64 mi) west of the state capital. Most of the modern farming is conducted in various Mennonite colonies surrounding the city.

This report deals with a technical visit to calibrate an AT-402B, sold by Lane Aviation and to determine the optimum settings for the ASC Rotary Atomizers supplied by Encap-it. A number of flight tests were made to evaluate the droplet spectrum with emphasis on obtaining a narrow droplet spectrum with a minimum of very small droplets that could be lost to drift and also a minimum of large droplets that result in poor crop coverage.

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1000$ Donation to the Health Foundation

January 6, 2015

Carol making a $1000 donation to the Health Foundation on behalf of Good Spirit Air Service & Miccar Aerial.  The Health Foundation is raising money for a much needed new CT Scanner.  For more information please click here: http://www.thehealthfoundation.ca/current-campaign.html