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Ag Pilot Training

Now offered by Kiss The Sky Aviation of Steinbach Manitoba see below:

We are pleased to announce that Initial Ag Pilot Training Courses are now offered through Kiss The Sky Aviation of Steinbach Manitoba. 

Miccar Aerial Ltd. has been involved in Ag Pilot Training for over 25 years training new Ag Pilots from all over the world.  Kiss The Sky Aviation approached us a year ago expressing interest in taking over the Ag Pilot Training course, Jeff the owner of Kiss The Sky Aviation and former Ag Pilot Student is an accomplished Agricultural Pilot and certified Flight Instructor.  Jeff and his Team will continue to provide the same professional training flying under the new name Kiss The Sky Aviation. 1-431-334-7475

For more information on the course please see below and follow the links.

Initial Agricultural Pilot Training Course

The course is offered in the spring (April - May) and again in the fall (September - October).  Our class size is kept at a maximum of 6 students to ensure we can meet our training timelines and goals and ensure all students have an equal opportunity for flying.  

Throughout the course the primary focus is upon developing safe and effective aerial application techniques spanning a wide range of subjects, including standardized ground and flight procedures, pesticide handling, risk management, initial and ongoing training programs, logistical and administrative support elements.  

Duration of the course is usually 3 to 4 weeks dependant on weather.  Students upon successful completion of the training will have approximately 40 hours of Ag Flying Experience which can be applied against any insurance requirements.  Students are issued a Certificate of completion for the training and referral letters can be provided as required.

The training is broken down into 3 phases;

Phase I – Aircraft Handling (approx 10 hours flight time)

Phase II – Basic Aerial Application Techniques (approx 15 hours flight time)

Phase III – Applied Aerial Application Techniques (approx 15 hours flight time)

Aircraft utilized for the Training are:

  • Piper Pawnee PA25-235 - Initial Ag Aircraft Trainer, utilized for all solo flight and aerial application training.

Cost for the Initial Agricultural Pilot Training:

  • $18,000.00 + GST

For additional information on the training course please give us a call 1 (431) 334 - 7475 or visit us online at